NOW OPEN in Hickman, NE! 

10/26/17  Trick or Treat on the Trail had a great turn out!  Thanks to all who came out and to our very own Jesse Asche for the haunted dog house.  We have a few left over cat treats, please stop in and get one for your feline friends.

10/08/17 We remodeled adding a surgery suite!  We are now a full service hospital offering a variety of surgeries and dental cleaning.

7/29/17 We had a blast at Hickman Hay Days.  Friday night we had a great turnout at the pet costume contest and had a great time passing out candy at the parade. 

3/30/17    Have you enjoyed the more accessible grooming!? We're very pleased with Amy and her wonderful work.

04/01/17  Woodland Vet has new owners.  We would like to welcome Drs. Lance Roasa, Abby Roasa, Micah Kohles and Lauren Gealow.  Thank you to Dr. Klone for all you have done for Woodland Veterinary Wellness.

01/01/17    Well, that year went fast! We've had some scheduling difficulties, some growing pains, and some seriously wonderful clients and patients! We're expanding services as we can (watch for some awesome grooming news, soon!) and offering more products, as the need arises.

11/30/16     Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We all ate too much, but it was worth it!

10/30/16    Trick or Treat on the Trail, people! We love it!

8/1/16     Happy first birthday to us!

5/1/16     Hang in there, guys, we're getting the scheduling straightened out.

10/27/15     We're functional. Mostly.

We see appointments. We've been grooming (well, we let Molly do it, now). We've transported patients for surgery.

We have a few foods available for sale. We even have some awesome treats and toys!

The growing pains are lightening up finally!

8/1/15   WE'RE OPEN!!!

6/29/15   The floors are completed. Quite the transformation, don't you think? We did these ourselves, with the help of Carroll Construction Supply on West O!

5/26/15    Looking like a real building now!

5/3/15    Finishing the paint, enduring the hail, and enjoying the double rainbow that followed. Quite a day!

4/30/15    Painting with helpers!

4/25/15    Siding on the outside.

4/14/15   We have walls!

4/6/15    Did you see us in the Voice? It was a good article!

3/16/15    Moving along.

3/1/15    Woodrow, Edison, and I did some meeting and greeting at the Dog Expo. It was a wonderful turn-out and an excellent opportunity to socialize the puppies! These two accompany me to work, so they will be familiar faces!

2/23/15    More construction progress!

1/25/15    The sign for our space is up! Thanks to my hubby, John, for attaching it!

1/25/15     We have walls! Trusses and roof should be going up very soon. Almost an enclosed space!

12/30/14      Wood has arrived for framing! Next update should be an actual building!


12/1/14     Major dirt work appears complete. Time for footings and foundation work!

11/3/14     Breaking ground! Moving dirt...

10/13/14    Architect plans on final revision for Fire Marshall approval. Builder selected for the 'shell' (main building).

8/6/14     Preliminary architecture plans are ready. Some changes to be added, but serious progress!

7/25/14   The business plan, in all it's glory, is finally completed. After four major revisions, and dozens of minor ones, it is now a masterpiece at 36 pages, with financial projections at 33 additional pages! Thanks to Zach at NBDC (Nebraska Business Development Center) for guiding me along the way and simplifying the financials for me!

7/1/14     We're starting with bare dirt... But here's where we'll be! On the far side of the welcome sign...

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6/30/14    Articles of Incorporation are complete. We are an official business now!