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Vaccinations, examinations

Wellness Exams

This is the single most important service we will be offering. A thorough examination can detect warning signs of numerous conditions, and it can also confirm that your pet is indeed as healthy as possible.

We aim for low-stress examinations on both nervous dogs and scared cats. Many times, the pets don't even realize they are being examined. Belly rubs, treats, and ear scratches are pretty standard. We provide treatment in an environment that meets your pet's needs.

Preventative Care

These are the treatments and products that are needed to keep your pet healthy. They will vary from pet to pet, and it is our doctors' privilege to help you determine which of them is important for each of your pets.

These include, but are not limited to: vaccinations, annual screening tests (heartworm, intestinal worms, blood work), preventative medicine for parasites, and supplements. 

Each pet is different, so let us help you decide what yours need!


We recently remodeled and added a surgery suite.  We perform all major surgeries including spays, neuters, mass removals, dentals and emergency procedures! 

Veterinary care for dogs

Internal Medicine and Consultations

Many topics are best handled with a detailed discussion. Rather than rush through the details, many of which are very important, we offer consultations for any medical issues that your pet may be encountering.

For example topics of discussion may include: weight loss, arthritis management, chronic disease management, behavior problems, and hospice care.

Each consultation is tailored to your pet and their individual needs. We will work directly with you to determine the best management options for you and your pet. Follow-up and continued support is included.

Wellness care for dogs


Providing the basics in routine care, including; nail trims, nail grinding, ear cleaning, anal gland expressions, sanitary trims, bathing, brushing, and mat removal everyday.

We do  have a professionally trained groomer available for full grooming appointments Mondays through Fridays! We are taking appointments for breed specific cuts and grooming requiring scissoring or advanced techniques as requested!  Check out our groomers on our 'About Us' page.